Thom Yorke Performs New Radiohead Song "Give Up The Ghost"


Towards the end of June,Radiohea guitarist Ed O'Brienrevealed to BBC Radio 6that the band was in the end-stages of recording their eighth full-length album.He dared tease us by saying the album could be released within "a matter of weeks".Keep holding your breath,Radiohead fans,because we are still safely in the "matter of weeks" zone.You never know,a Radiohead album can pop its head outIn Rainbows-style at any moment.

While that might be wishful thinking,it should be noted that over the weekend,Radiohead front-man Thom Yorke played a surprise gig at the Big Chill festival,and during his set,the man performed a brand new Radiohead tune called "Give Up The Ghost".This wasn't,however,the first time Yorke has played "Give Up The Ghost".

Back in March,Thom Yorke playedthree new Radiohead tracks在一场音乐会在剑桥;the tracks were "The Daily Mail," "Mouse Dog Bird," and the aforesaid "Give Up The Ghost" — you can stilldownload good quality live rips of all three here.You can watch Thom do his thing with just a guitar and his legendary pipes below: