Remember When: Pop Music Felt Simpler And Happier

I arrived to a Jess Glynne show with a few reservations - and I left with a newfound perspective on what it means to put on a good show.
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I go to tons of concerts and understand that most tend to veer on the positive side.在一群热爱他们的人面前实现他们的音乐梦想的一种行为-很少有其他的体验能让人感到如此愉快。As with everything,some do this better than others,and singer Jess Glynne did so at LA's Wiltern Theatre.Admittedly,when a friend invited me along to the show,I worried she wouldn't be all that thrilling.

When it comes to Jess Glynne,材料是积极的,非常容易接近。Her song titles make their meanings more than obvious,and their gospel qualities ensure that they will bang but not necessarily bite.她不知道广泛的编舞和公正风格的激光表演似乎从来没有像一个选择。Instead of focusing on her better qualities such as her voice or honesty,I concerned myself with possible shortcomings.我很快就知道自己算错了什么。I love an intricate,thought-provoking performance a la FKA Twigs as much as the next person,but sometimes it refreshes the soul to watch a bit of no-nonsense,feel-good music.

Vocalist Abir served as the night's opener,joined by a guitarist,keyboardist,and trumpeter.As Glynne would do later in the evening,Abir relied on vocal prowess to impress the audience.

"I really had no one to look up to as a Muslim girl," she shared with the audience before finishing off with "Young & Rude".这首歌可能和今晚一样“消极”,but its overall feelings of rebellion and individuality resonated with the generally optimistic atmosphere.The moment Abir finished her set,"Tears Dry On Their Own" began playing through the venue.Since the song failed to match the cheerful mood,sound engineers cut it off before Winehouse even finished her first verse.As I said before,this night was全部的about good vibes.

Armed with a husky yet caramel-sweet voice Americans like meroll in the deepover,Glynne needed little else to charm the crowd.Her slight rasp lent her a relatable quality;her outfit,一个,with her red locks,only made me see赫比满载,适合她,又不会把她从我们这些平民中抬得太高。基本上,格琳在即兴演奏会上表现得更像一个朋友,而不是一个以音乐会为首的流行歌星。

This lent itself nicely to theAlways in Betweentour,an experience centered on the basic tenets of pop music.Starting the night on the right foot,Glynne launched into "Hold My Hand".From the moment she started,人群只是sang和她一起。Songs like "Far To Go",“这些日子”“123”是完美的单曲,因为它们不仅是福音式的,而且表现出对生活中更好的情感的诚实和直白。

At many points in the evening,格琳娜花了点时间特写她的伴奏歌手和乐队成员。Her vocalists left their section and joined her for a simple yet fun bit of choreo at the head of the stage;meanwhile,guitarists sidled up between them to join them in the fun.As Glynne swayed and laughed,so did the crowd.

None of the performance felt especially fresh,but that largely played into its success.The vocals sounded great,especially Glynne's mic control on "Take Me Home" where she echoed her voice for a beautiful effect.Basic lights illuminated the stage,yet combinations of turquoise and orange or red and purple melded together so well that the effect still dazzled.

Even Glynne's banter hit all the expected notes.“我总是花点时间说声谢谢。I wouldn't be where I am without you," is something you hear at 95% of shows,though I cared little becauseAlways in Betweennever pretended to be something other than it was: a pop concert.

*Taken on an iPhone 6S*

*Taken on an iPhone 6S*

流行节目给了歌迷他们想要的,and Glynne mashing up "So Real","Real Love",and "My Love" was确切地这个节目的女孩和同性恋想要什么。Ever a gracious performer,她用这句话来形容巨大而不可避免的“宁可是”,把观众送上欢乐的边缘,进入荣耀。While most interpretations of "Rather Be" see Glynne singing to a love interest,at the Wiltern it felt as if she was singing to her fans.The eventual finale with "Never Be Alone Again" happened as what I assumed to be a polyamorous relationship of 5+ people embraced in front of me.After all,communal love is just as real as any other kind.

In the end,I realized this concert offered a nice release from the menace of Billie Eilish or the utter sorrow of Lana del Rey. As流行音乐的世界and the world at large continue to become darker and sadder,Jess Glynne delivered a jolt of serotonin the old-fashioned way - with strong vocals,可及性,还有一个逃跑的机会。I never forgot that live music could do that for you,but I had forgotten that one can achieve the same results with a bit of "sacred simplicity."